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We are a sanctuary for all and we want to make sure the birds feel that way too so we are putting up some more birdhouses!


If you would like to sponsor one, we will have one of our amazing volunteer artists paint your message and design on your birdhouse. (Please keep it G-rated!)


Please add your message and idea for a design during check out in notes (take a look at some past examples by scrolling through the images). Also let us know who your favorite pig is - because I will send you a thank you video!

Please note - you won't receive the birdhouse - this will be for putting a birdhouse at the sanctuary. However, you will receive a video thank you from me with your favorite pig!

Supplies are limited... first come first served! We will be painting in June and July.

Thank you for your support!

Peace, Love, & Pigs,


BIRDHOUSES for the Sanctuary! (Donation)

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