Due to the ongoing concerns over COVID-19, Arthur's Acres Animal Sanctuary will be suspending tours and volunteer days until further notice. This is for the health of both our visitors and our residents.  We wish everyone good health and bright days as we get through this difficult time. 

We will keep you up to date with any changes to this temporary pause in visits.  Thank you for your support and we hope to start seeing you soon!

Peace. Love. Pigs

Private Tours

Arthur's Acres offers private tours for groups up to 10 people. Come spend quality time with Arthur and his friends, who came to the sanctuary from many different backgrounds ranging from food production, to breeding, and medical research.  The tour is designed to educate visitors on the realities of animal agriculture, animal testing, and discuss proper care for farm animals. 

On your tour, you will:

  • Meet the residents and learn about their histories before coming to Arthur's Acres

  • Spend time in the pastures and barns with the pigs

  • See how to properly care for farm animals

  • Discuss the truth behind our food system, animal testing, and the "teacup pig" myth

  • Learn about healthy alternatives to our common American diets

$20 suggested donation per person

Please contact Arthursacresanimalsanctuary@gmail.com for tour availability.  Reservations will be first come first serve. Tours are also open to groups from schools and camps; please contact the sanctuary for further information. 

We want everyone to have access to the sanctuary, so if cost is an issue please let us know in your email.

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