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Volunteer Day: Painting on Saturday July 8, 2023
Come help us paint our fences on July 8, 2023 (rain date July 15, 2023). We would love your help --   No experience needed.  Email us at to get the full details.


Help us Clear Brush in the Woods

We are looking for volunteers who can help us clean up a section of the woods in preparation for the pigs - primary job would be removing brush and growth from a section of our woods.  No prior experience necessary - bring your muscles! Email us at for details. 

Currently Accepting new Regular Volunteers Applications!!!

Regular Volunteers:

We are looking for regular volunteers who can commit to helping onsite 2 days or more each month. While we always welcome experienced sanctuary volunteers, no prior experience is required to help out.  Typical tasks would include (but are not limited to) cleaning tasks such as cleaning stalls, vaccumming stalls and barns, doing sanctuary laundry, shaking out blankets, scooping poop, and changing water troughs.  Additional responsibilities may be assigned, particularly to experienced volunteers. 

Please fill out our visitor waiver and email telling us a little about you and where you are coming from if you are interested in volunteering - we look forward to hearing from you. 

Special Skills:

We always are looking for volunteers with special skills, and in some cases, this help can be performed remotely.  Do you have special skills such as video editing, social media growth management, or some other area you can help us with? Don't be shy -  let us know by emailing to discuss opportunities. 

Special Volunteer Days (One-Time Volunteers): 

From time to time, we will hold special volunteer days for activities like painting barns and fences. Please listen to the lives on our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram for special volunteer opportunities.  You do not have to be a regular volunteer to assist on those days.  When we have a call to volunteer for a special volunteer day, we will provide additional information on social media about how to sign up.

All volunteers must fill out our visitor waiver prior to volunteering and will be asked to read and abide by the Volunteer Program and Policies manual. 

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