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Celebrating 6 years of Arthur's Acres!

A Brief Word from Todd...

Arthur's Acres Animal Sanctuary is 6 years old and I cannot believe how much we’ve all done together! 

Six years ago, I was considering starting a sanctuary. I decided to look around at property and came to this land in Parksville. I was absolutely sure this was not the place for me—too much of a mess. And it had been a backyard butcher of all things. But I heard there were still animals onsite so I had to check it out.


And then I met Arthur. The last pig left on the farm, abandoned and left to die. 


Arthur looked at me, I looked at him and everything changed. 


Arthur’s Acres was born. 


Okay, fast forward through a lot of work, heartbreak, joy, peace, mud, snow, sun, moon, pigs starting new lives, humans coming together, and love. Always love. 


It's 6 years and we did it together. So let’s come together--onsite and virtual around the world--and celebrate what we’ve accomplished together, plus all of the magic and miracles yet to come. 

Peace, Love, & Pigs,

Todd Friedman
Founder, Arthur's Acres Animal Sanctuary

Schedule of Events

There are several ways you can join the celebration, both in person and online.  Click the buttons to learn more about each event, and join us!

Saturday 8/3/24: Paint With Allie at the Sanctuary (HURRY! ALMOST SOLD OUT!)

Registration is open!!!! Come paint with Allie - on a "canvas" made from the old Arthur's Acres Fence - that you get to take home!



8/1/24 - 8/10/24: Auction for the Animals 2024

Participate in our Online Auction!  Open Thursday August 1 4:00 pm ET through Saturday August 10 4:00 pm ET. Before the event is online, you can preview the items, but you won't be able to bid.  We will be adding new items up until the start of the auction!

Saturday 8/10/24: Anniversary Celebration Zoom Call with Todd!

More details to come, but this will be a reasonably priced ticketed event, where you will be able to submit your questions in advance, and Todd will answer as many as he can during the time allotted.

Please be patient with us as we sort out the technological details - registration for this event will become available as soon as possible. 

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