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It takes a community of dedicated people to make Arthur's Acres what it is. Here at AAAS, our team volunteers their time to take care and run the sanctuary. ​Without their generous support, Arthur's Acres would not be where it is today. Thank you!


Todd Friedman

Todd didn't make the connection immediately. Already a vegetarian for four years, he understood there was no difference between the dogs by his side and the animals we put on our plate.  However, it wasn't until he volunteered at an animal sanctuary in 2013, when he had a first hand experience with farmed animals that Todd understood the importance of becoming vegan.

This realization led Todd to an animal care role in 2014. In that time, he learned what really matters: the animals, their care, and their happiness. While working at the sanctuary, he learned how to work with staff, volunteers, the public, and other sanctuary organizations to do the very best for both animals in his care and the others out there still in danger. Most importantly, he learned the joy and heartbreak of opening his heart to animals in need, thus finding his true passion in life. 

With the help of friends and family, Todd founded Arthur's Acres Animal Sanctuary in Summer of 2018. 


Christina John 
Animal Care Director

Christina is our Animal Care Director here at Arthur's Acres. She went vegan three years ago after going on a tour at Farm Sanctuary in California. Since then, Christina has volunteered at several local animal sanctuaries. When she first started volunteering at AAAS, she instantly became a vital member of the sanctuary family - so much so that Todd couldn't get rid of her! She moved from her home in Long Island, NY and now lives here at the sanctuary!

Christina takes exceptionally good care of our animal residents and is extremely knowledgeable about treating chickens and pigs! When she isn't caring for our residents, she is spending time with her two dogs, Bentley & Shamus.


Todd Defio 
Full Time Volunteer

Todd is affectionately known as "TD" or "Todd 2"  so that we are certain we are referring to the same Todd when we say "Todd"!  


TD is a full-time volunteer at Arthur's Acres and has been living on site since the Spring of 2020. He first came to AAAS as a periodic volunteer and has since become an integral part of daily operations at the sanctuary. 

While he has retired his weather career, TD is famous for his past meteorological interest and colorful weather reports. You can find TD doing anything from cleaning the chicken coop or the little pig's hallway to assisting on various construction projects around the sanctuary. 


Brett Rabideau Development Director

Brett is our Development Director who does a lot more than her title. 


Brett brings over 3 decades of business administration and project management experience to Arthur's Acres Animal Sanctuary. 

You will see her assisting on nearly all of the lives, answering questions and adding enhanced content on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook simultaneously.

When Brett is not keeping Todd on his toes, she works on administrative tasks such as bookkeeping, project management, creating and maintaining spreadsheets, budgets,  donor relations, and grant writing.  


Paul Spampanato
Past Board President

Paul holds a Ph.D from St. John's University, focusing on animal studies in Literature.  Inspired by his passion for animals and his vegan lifestyle, he hopes to spread the vegan message through his literary background.

Born and raised in New York, Paul became an animal activist in 2017 when he began volunteering at animal sanctuaries.  Volunteering opened his world to so many amazing people that both inspired him and gave him hope that there is a brighter future for farm animals. 

Driven by his love for all animals, Paul spends his free time helping out at Arthur's Acres and writing in his blog to promote veganism.


Katherine Keefe
Board of Directors

Katherine became a vegetarian when she was 14 after seeing and truly feeling for the first time the suffering of a creature raised and slaughtered for food. Throughout her life, she has always tried to help animals as an advocate and most often as a hands on caregiver.


When she began volunteering at a farm sanctuary, she took the natural step to veganism as the only way to not support cruelty in any manner. She continued that journey as an animal rights activist, as a caregiver, in hands-on rescue work, and as Shelter Director at two farm animal sanctuaries.

"I will use whatever strength I possess to help Arthur’s Acres offer sanctuary to animals in need and end the exploitation of animals everywhere."


Susie Pietsch
Board President

Susie is a longtime weekly volunteer and our Board President here at Arthur's Acres. She brings a unique flare and strong work ethic to the sanctuary. Susie is organized and focused when completing various tasks around the property. She often works behind the scenes managing the Arthur's Acres Village Mercantile, fulfilling merchandise orders, assembling new Patreon and sponsorship packets, sending cards, and booking tours. She is also one of our bee house and birdhouse artists!

Susie lives in Syracuse, NY, and when she's not volunteering on weekends at AAAS, she is either teaching French, mountain biking, or taking care of her 11 cats and 2 dogs.


Grace Rosano
Board of Directors

Grace is a weekly volunteer and one of our Board members. She has as much of a passion for the animals as she has for getting work done around the sanctuary. You rarely find Grace taking a break from cleaning or organizing something somewhere, but when a pig nearby is doing something cute, she will certainly stop for some cuddles! 

Grace is also the star of our new compassionate cooking series, Cooking with Grace. She absolutely loves to cook and prepares delicious meals for the Arthur's Acres crew every time she comes to volunteer!


Jill Alibrandi
Board of Directors

Jill is a weekly volunteer and one of our Board members. She loves assisting with anything at the Sanctuary from cleaning the barns to helping with tours.

She has been an animal and environmental activist for many years and has her MS in Environmental Education.


Jill’s passion for all non-humans has inspired her passion for travel. She also volunteers with International Conservation organizations in India and Kenya that focus on saving wild animals and wild spaces.


Nikki Stella
Board of Directors

Nikki Stella, became inspired by Todd and all of the animals of Arthur’s Acres when she witnessed the incredible transformation of Penny Lane, from a starving pig – both physically and emotionally, to the healthy, happy and sassy star she is today.

Nikki, an experienced business executive, is excited to bring her business know-how to Arthur's Acres animal sanctuary's board.

Beyond her corporate achievements, Nikki's dedication to educating others about compassionate choices shines bright. Her role on the board promises to combine her business acumen with her passion for animal welfare, furthering the sanctuary's mission to educate and inspire for a more compassionate world.

Screenshot 2024-01-05 175134_edited.jpg

Jean Rhode

As well as being an experienced Animal Care volunteer, Jean Rhode is well known for her creative talents. 

Jean is the driving force behind our YouTube channel (including our YouTube store), creates digital artwork, paintings, books, and calendars for Arthur's Acres, and is the creative director for Cooking with Grace. 

Jean's relationship with the animals at Arthur's Acres really is apparent in her iconic photographs you will see our on our social media channels. 


Rebecca Bose
Board of Directors

Harboring a great love for all animals since she was a child, Rebecca has been working for them most of her life. Rebecca is the Curator of the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem NY for over 24 years. She holds a masters degree in zoology, is a veterinary technician and a certified Magnawave PEMF practitioner.  

For the sanctuary, Rebecca works with area vendors to arrange in-kind donations for the sanctuary. She also performs Magnawave PEMF therapy on several sanctuary animals on a weekly basis.


Having a Kunekune pig of her own, she has a special place in her heart for pigs. She is honored to help make a difference in the lives of the sanctuary's beautiful residents.

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