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In the news: Sullivan County

Read all about how Princess and Morty inspired their books!
Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act Passed NY Senate!

The Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act would expand New York's existing ban on animal testing for cosmetics by prohibiting the manufacture or sale of cosmetics tested on animals in other states. 

News12 interviewed Todd about our six pigs who were rescued from medical testing: Vivian, Fay, Joy, Wren, Betty and Jane. 

Click on the photo to watch this powerful interview and also see your friends on the news!

Screen Shot 2022-05-14 at 8.42.24 PM.png
How to Powerlift a Pig

We just got a new piglift! Aren’t we fancy!?! Yes we are and it’s already making such a huge difference in how we can treat pigs, especially with leg or hoof issues.


Here, Todd is wrapping Baby Sara’s hoof after soaking it.


The procedure to get a pig into the lift is simple: lure her in with some treats, then close the door and comfortably raise the pig with the hydraulic lift.


As you can imagine, the kind of machinery that works with 700 lb pigs is not cheap. 

But this will revolutionize many of our treatments. 


Thank you to our Patrons, friends and supporters who helped make the lift a reality for our pigs!

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