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We use stall mats everywhere around the sanctuary - in the Phoenix Barn, in the Compassion Barn, in the Gratitude Barn, in Steven's Way, and the Pot Barn, inside and outside the ISO areas, and even outside the Pot Barn to keep the mud down for Paulie, Rosie, and Chance.   


... and I'm finally breaking down and putting stall mats in the house.   Charles won't come inside because of the floors, and the Maya and Myles aren't fond of the slippery surface.  It's time. 

Please know that no stall mats will be mailed to you; this is a donation for us to purchase stall mats for use by the sanctuary.  Excess funds (if any) will be used for animal care.

Thank you!!

Peace , Love & Pigs,


Stall Mats (Donation)

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