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We are spending $500 to $800 per month on gas right now just for Vet Visits .

  • The cost for gas for the Truck and Van to Cornell and back is over $100;  it costs almost $50 for the Suburu.
  • Our Local Avian vet is a hour away and Cornell is 2 hours and 15 min.
  • Our Trip to Virginia for a prosthetic for Ella Bean and our little jelly roll Lilly will be over 300 miles each way. 

We don't mind traveling for top notch medical care but that travel comes at a cost. 

The average cost of a gallon of gas was $3.39 in March 2023. The picture is what it cost on March 9th to fill the truck.

We would love your support to help us defray the cost of gas.

Peace , Love & Pigs,


P.S. Please know that this is a donation to the sanctuary so that we can defray our gas costs -  no actual gas will be mailed to you.   Excess funds (if any) will be used for animal care. 

Gallon of Gas (Donation)

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