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In the winter, our pigs love hay.   It provides enrichment as well as beneficial additional calories which are needed in the cold weather.

After having some teeth removed, Hans is now on a special diet.  He can have hay, but it must be chopped.   We also found that it is easier for the pigs to digest. 

Commercial manufacturers have large scale specialized equipment to produce the chopped hay. We tried making it ourself, but ended up with hay dust instead of chopped hay. 

The brand we use is high-grade, non-sugar, and low-starch, and it contains minimal dust. 

We always appreciate your support in keeping our babies heathy and full - and this is a great way to help.

Please know that you will not receive a bag of chopped hay by purchasing this item;  you are supplying a donation equal to the amount of  a bag of chopped hay and we will purchase the hay for our pigs locally.   Excess funds (if any) will be used for animal care.


Thank you!!

Peace , Love & Pigs,


Chopped Hay (Donation)

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