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There are so many fencing projects this year - and we could use your help with donations so that we are able to purchase fence posts. 

With the Barn expansion, we are expanding the Potbelly and Kunekune field 40 feet by 475 feet into the Big Pigs' pasture.   It's time for more space for our littles!

The Big Pigs field is expanding into the woods behind the wallows, so the bigs will continue to have plenty of space. They love grazing in pastures but they really love the wood and scratching their tushies on some trees. 

We are setting up an enclosure at the Gratitude barn, which will become an additional isolation area.


We would really love some help with purchasing fence posts for these projects.  Can you help?

Peace , Love & Pigs,


P.S. Please know that this is a donation to the sanctuary so that we can purchase a fence post; you will not receive a fence post.  Should we receive excess donations for fence posts, we will use the funds for other parts of the fencing, or if those are complete, will put the funds into our general operations budget for the care of the animals. 

Fence post 8 ft x 4 inches (Donation)

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