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Help us build a solid foundation for our infrastructure projects! We have several projects coming up that utilize Sand, Stone (gravel), and Soil. We are placing bulk orders to have these items delivered. Some of our projects include:


  • Top Soil and Gravel for the new chicken pavillion
  • Foundation for two new small barns for ISO and special care areas (gravel, soil)
  • Replenish the sand that we use on top of the gravel as a soft surface in front of the barns on top of the rock that washed away in recent storms
  • Level out areas of the driveway with gravel, soil, and sand.


We would love your support to help us defray the costs of these important infrastructure projects that we are finishing before winter.


Peace , Love & Pigs,



P.S. Please know that this is a donation to the sanctuary so that we can defray our costs for our bulk sand, soil, and gravel orders that we have coming up- no actual products will be mailed to you. Excess funds (if any) will be used for animal care.

20 pounds of Sand, Soil, and Stone (Donation)

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